Residential Services

Coastal Fire Services offer a range of services for residential properties. Whether you are an owner/occupier, landlord, tenant or property manager we can assist you.

Annual Service

We provide an annual service to all of our customers.  For an annual service we provide the following:

  • A professional, friendly and industry experienced technician will inspect your smoke detector
  • We will determine that your smoke detector has been installed as per the requirements of the Building Code of Australia & EPA Act.
  • We will inspect your smoke detector for compliance with AS 3786, any non-compliance we will rectify.
  • Your battery will be replaced every 12 months
  • Coastal Fire Services will audibly test your smoke detector and also determine that the smoke detector operates in a fire situation.
  • Your smoke detector will be cleaned with an anti static wipe and a vacuum cleaner.
  • If your 240 or 9 volt smoke detector is found to be faulty or expired we will replace it free of charge.
  • If you have a change of tenant in the 12 month period we will change the battery and retest the smoke alarm free of charge.
  • You will be placed on a database for the next 12 months.
  • Coastal Fire Services will certify that your property complies with all government legislation.

Complete Compliance Package

We also offer a complete compliance package to ensure your property complies with all government regulations.

Smoke Alarms

  • We attend your property and determine the correct number and location of alarms.
  • We check expiry dates, clean alarms & replace batteries, by testing with artificial smoke.
  • If inspection determines a 240V or 9V Photoelectric alarm is faulty or expired, a replacement alarm is installed.
  • If no alarms are present, we will quote to install at an additional cost.

Water Efficiency - Restrictors

  • We check that the property is water efficient and ensure the necessary cold water taps have a flow rate of less than 9 litres per minute and that the property has no leaking taps or toilets.
  • We only test and report.


  • We ensure all blind cords/chains cannot form a loop greater than 220mm. A cleat or cord guide is installed to secure the cord/chain at least 1600mm above the floor level, where applicable.


  • We inspect your RCD to ensure that it will respond in a fault situation.
  • If found to be faulty, standard replacement will cost an additional $80.00 like for like per RCD.
  • A quote will be provided for more complex installations.

Service includes the following – Smoke alarms and blind cleats/guides to ensure complete compliance. Service does not include replacement of the following – Major hardware such as taps and RCD's, blind mechanisms, malicious damage or theft. This will be on a quote by quote basis.

Call us for more information about this package, or download our Complete Compliance Package.